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Agent 1.5.0 Release Note


The agent is a process running on an execution environment. It contacts the orchestrator at regular intervals, looking for some orders to execute. If there is any order, the agent will perform it and send the result back to the orchestrator.

This release note describes the changes of Agent version 1.5.0 compared to 1.4.0.

Agent 1.5.0 was released on April 22, 2022.

New features

  • Issue #22 Add a --version option to ease version check
    opentf-agent --version can now be used to get the version of the agent.

  • Issue #21 Warn if console encoding is not utf-8
    A warning is now displayed when launching the agent if the specified encoding is UTF8 (or if no encoding is specified, as this is the default) and the code page (on windows) or the locale (LANG environment variable on Linux) do not match.

Bug fixes

  • Issue #23 importlib.metadata may be missing with Python 3.7
    With Python 3.7, importlib.metadata could be unavailable, resulting in the agent not being launchable. This has been fixed.

  • Issue #17 Inconsistent spelling in help message ("defaults to" vs. "default to")
    Minor cleanup of a help message.

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