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Orchestrator Tools 0.31.1 Release Note


The Orchestrator Tools simplify the management of the orchestrator.

This release note describes the changes of Orchestrator Tools version 0.31.1 compared to 0.30.1.

Orchestrator Tools 0.31.1 were released on Febuary 25, 2022.

New features

  • Issue #13 Query the quality gate
    opentf-ctl get qualitygate can be used to query the quality gate status of a workflow
    The quality gate features have not been enough validated. It is strongly advised to not use them in production for the time being.

Bug fixes

  • Issue #17 With opentf-ctl config generate, parameter 'Skip TLS verification' returns "true" if "false"
    When using opentf-ctl config generate and setting Skip TLS verification to false, the tool was returning true.

  • Issue #21 Pagination not always properly handled
    While handling paginated content, a dict has no link attribute error was sometimes raised.

  • Issue #23 get workflows does not always show workflow name
    opentf-ctl get workflows was sometimes not displaying some workflow names.

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