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Orchestrator Tools 0.32.0 Release Note


The Orchestrator Tools simplify the management of the orchestrator.

This release note describes the changes of Orchestrator Tools version 0.32.0 compared to 0.31.1.

Orchestrator Tools 0.32.0 were released on March 30, 2022.

New features

  • Issue #13 Query the quality gate
    opentf-ctl supports the new get qualitygate command to query the quality gate status (see the OpenTestFactory documentation for the details on how to use it).

  • Issue #30 The qualitygate port can't be defined in opentf-ctl config generate
    opentf-ctl config has been extended for the quality gate.

  • Issue #26 Add ways to view and validate tokens
    opentf-ctl view token TOKEN can be used to display the payload of a token.
    opentf-ctl check token TOKEN using PUBLIC_KEY_PATH can be used to validate a token.

  • Issue #24 Allow for JSON and YAML output for get workflow
    opentf-ctl get workflow has been extended with the --output=format option, so the returned information can be formatted in JSON or YAML.

Bug fixes

  • Issue #20 opentf-ctl kill with an unknown ID does not send error
    opentf-ctl now detects invalid workflow IDs and displays a meaningful error message when such an ID is provided.

  • Issue #25 Subscription ID is not displayable
    opentf-ctl get subscriptions -o wide was not reporting the subscription IDs. This has been fixed.

  • Issue #27 opentf-ctl version is broken
    opentf-ctl version was not working anymore in 0.31.1. This has been fixed.

  • Issue #33 opentf-ready : The scope of import docker is incorrect
    opentf-ready --container_id was not working in 0.31.1. This has been fixed.

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