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Squash Orchestrator 1.0.0.RELEASE Release Note


Squash Orchestrator is a set of micro-services to perform automated test execution workflows described in a specific format.

This release note describes the changes of Squash Orchestrator version 1.0.0.RELEASE compared to 1.0.0.alpha2.

Squash Orchestrator 1.0.0.RELEASE was released on April 23, 2021.

Major features of the release

  • Exploit following actions in yours PEaC:
    • Launch Agilitest tests
    • Exploitation of Robot Framework results and Agilitest results in generated Allure report
  • New Docker Image for Squash AUTOM Premium only micro-services. Following micro-services are added to this image:
    • Agilitest action provider service
    • Agilitest report interpretor service
  • OpenTestFactory agent for communication over HTTP between a Squash Orchestrator and a test execution environment.

New micro-services introduced by the release

Agilitest report interpretor service

Service to extract execution results from a Agilitest type xml report.

Agilitest action provider service

Service to allow Agilitest test related actions inside a PEaC.

Following actions are supported:

  • Execute an Agilitest test
  • Generate parameters to be used during test execution

Evolutions in existing micro-services

Squash TM Generator service

  • Generic:
    • [SQUASH-1924] Generator service specifies environment execution depending on automated test technology information received from Squash TM

Robot Framework action provider service

  • [SQUASH-3040] Add option to generate (or not) an Allure report with Robot Framework tests results

Cucumber report interpretor service

  • [SQUASH-3056] Improve test reference possibilities for test report parsing

Allure report collector service

  • [SQUASH-3040] Robot Framework test results can be used when generating Allure report

Bug fixes

  • [SQUASH-3080] Fix false positive result sent to Squash TM when an automated test reference does not exist for Cucumber, Junit, SoapUI or Cypress tests.
  • [SQUASH-3091] Fix to avoid NPE situation in Squash TM publisher micro-service when sending Allure report
  • [SQUASH-3102] Fix thread synchronization issues resulting in untransmitted results to Squash TM
  • [SQUASH-3092] Fix duplicate test case results in Allure Report in "dry/run/inception" situation
  • [SQUASH-3201] Fix concurrent access issue with Squash TM Result Publisher Plugin
  • [SQUASH-1928] Fix NPE situation if tagValue or tagLabel are empty in a Squash TM Generator step call of a PEaC with YAML format
  • [SQUASH-3068] Fix wrong result sending to Squash TM for Cypress test execute in dryrun/inception environment
  • [SQUASH-3070] Fix wrong result sending to Squash TM for Robot Framework test execute in dryrun/inception environment when more than one ITPI are linked to a Robot Framework test case with same name
  • [SQUASH-3399] Fix Robot Framework report parsing based on several .robot file execution in dry-run/inception situation
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