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Squash Orchestrator 1.1.0.RELEASE Release Note


Squash Orchestrator is a set of micro-services to perform automated test execution workflows described in a specific format.

This release note describes the changes of Squash Orchestrator version 1.1.0.RELEASE compared to 1.0.0.RELEASE.

Squash Orchestrator 1.1.0.RELEASE was released on June 04, 2021.

Evolutions in existing micro-services

  • The Docker image support a PUBLIC_KEY environment variable at launch to set up a single trusted key
  • Improvement of OTF Orchestrator Documentation

Squash TM Generator service

  • Generic:
    • [SQUASH-3645] Generator service generates user friendly names for generated jobs

Robot Framework action provider

  • Adaptation to work with Windows execution environment

Bug fixes

  • Fix race window on job attribution
  • Handling of job with no step
  • [SQUASH-3545] Fix Robot Framework report parsing when extracting status of a full .robot file
  • [SQUASH-3731] Fix JUnit report parsing when extracting status of a full class file
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