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Squash Orchestrator 3.2.0 Release Note


Squash Orchestrator is a set of micro-services to perform automated test execution workflows described in a specific format.

This release note describes the changes of Squash Orchestrator version 3.2.0 compared to 3.1.0.

Squash Orchestrator 3.2.0 was released on January 24, 2022.

New features

  • Issue #68 Improve agent performance
    The agent/orchestrator communication has been tuned so the agent can execute all steps of a PEaC more quickly (delay between two steps is shorter).

  • Issue #51 No version information in launcher logs
    At its startup, the orchestrator prints in the logs its versions and the values of the environment variables it uses.

  • Issue #71 There is no way for an agent to know the version of the channel plugin it registers to
    An agent now indicates in its logs the version of the orchestrator which is piloting it.

  • Issue #58 Keep track of running agents
    GET /agents now returns the ID of the job (if any) done by each agent.

Bug fixes

  • Issue #37 S3 and Local publishers may generate stacktraces in logs
    A clear error message is recorded in the logs when the S3 publisher or the local publisher is badly configured.

  • Issue #70 The observer does not validate incoming schemas
    The observer now properly validates the messages it consumes.

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